How To Find Out A Hidden Camera And Know If Someone Is Filming You While You Travel

Sometimes it seems that you are being filmed in a hospital or hotel room. But you decide to drive these thoughts away. In fact, this scenario is quite possible because the hidden camera is not always installed so that you can see it. That’s why it’s hidden. In this article, we have shared a few simple ways to calculate if there is a surveillance camera in the room. So do check, as it will save you from many embarrassing situations in the future.

hidden camera

Take a picture of the room

If you enter the room and suspect something is wrong quickly turn off the light. Then take a picture of the room on a smartphone with the flash turned on. In the light of a flash, you can easily notice the glare from the lens of a hidden camera. In the photo, they will look like small white dots. The thing is that most surveillance cameras in the dark illuminate the room in the infrared range. The human eye cannot catch this light, but the phone’s matrix can handle it 100%

Check everything in the room | Travelohlic

With the development of technology, companies have learned to make hidden cameras so small that they can be hidden almost anywhere. Therefore, if you have any suspicions, immediately check all cupboards, lockers, shelves, figurines, flower pots, and other places where someone could install a small camera. It is possible that the recording device is located in some inconspicuous niche, and a special hole has been made for the lens. In this case, your task becomes much more complicated, but do not forget about the first way to calculate cameras.

Download the special scripts

Developer Julian Oliver created a special script that helps other people assert their right to their privacy. By running it on your mobile device, you can find Wi-Fi cameras and even stop data transfer if you travel often. Since most modern surveillance cameras send recorded data to their owner via Wi-Fi, this script will come in handy more than ever.