Dandruff is a very common condition of the scalp that causes flaky skin and itching. Almost 50% of the people have the problem of dandruff that leads them to try various shampoos and medicated products, but dandruff reappears after a while. Severe and recurring dandruff conditions can make you socially embarrassed and lower your confidence levels. So, we give you some of the best, easy to use and effective solutions to get rid of dandruff permanently.

1. Lemon juice and curd

lemon-yogurt - dandruff

Make a paste of these two and apply on your hair for at least an hour. Rinse it thoroughly and shampoo your hair to get dandruff free and well conditioned hair.

2. Baking Soda

lemon-and-baking-soda - dandruff


A very commonly available kitchen product can surely help us get rid of dandruff effectively and permanently. Just apply a handful of baking powder on your wet scalp, leave for few minutes and wash your hair. You need not shampoo as well and get a dandruff free scalp by subsequent washes.

3. Aspirin

dandruff- Aspirin spilling from bottle

Aspirin has the same salt salicylic acid, as contained in almost all shampoos used for treating dandruff. Finely grind two tablets of aspirin to form a smooth powder, mix it with the normal amount of shampoo you use to wash your hair and apply. Leave it for 1-2 minutes and wash to get permanently rid of dandruff, by subsequent washes.

4. Cider Vinegar

dandruff- Apple_cider_vinegar

This wonderful product, apart for other beneficial uses to reduce weight and giving you beautiful skin, is also used to treat dandruff issues. Just need to take a quarter cup of Apple Cider Vinegar and the same amount of water. Mix it in a spray bottle and spray on your scalp. Wrap a towel around your head and leave it for 15 minutes to 1 hour. After shampooing your hair you will surely find reduced dandruff. By doing this twice a week, you will get rid of dandruff permanently.

5. Neem and Olive oil


dandruffTake a few neem leaves, make a powder out of them and make a paste using olive oil. Applying this paste on your scalp for an hour will treat your dandruff effectively and help in significant and permanent reduction of dandruff.

6. Mouthwash


swishing-mouthwash dandruffAdding some amount of alcohol-based mouthwash to your routine shampoo will help to treat dandruff conditions permanently. Mouthwash has anti-fungal properties that help in treating dandruff and prevent it from growing further.

So, don’t panic about your dandruff problem. Just try these simple, natural and effective tips to get rid of your dandruff problem permanently.

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