Every girl dream for long and beautiful nails but if the nails are not strong enough then there is no use of it. Brittle nails are also a sign of bad health and lack of nutrition in diet. Below are some tips on how to get strong nails.

1. Take Vitamin And Protein Filled Diet

Discoloured, dry and brittle nails are generally a result of vitamin and protein deficiency. For this, take a diet that is rich in vitamins and proteins. In addition to it, drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated.

How To Get Stronger Nails2. Moisturize As Much As You Can
Whenever you use a moisturizer on your hands, use a little bit on your nail bed and cuticle too. Just rub it gently on the surface.
How To Get Stronger Nails3. Use Gloves For Protection
When washing dishes and doing laundry; make a habit of wearing gloves. The chemical in these detergents is very harmful to your nails.
How To Get Stronger Nails4. Oil Therapy
You can soak your nails in olive oil or use almond oil or coconut oil instead. Massage your nails, cuticles and nail bed if you don’t want to soak.
How To Get Stronger Nails5. Take Care Of Your Nail Cuticles
Some people cut out their cuticles, this is a strict no. Never do this, instead, take care of your cuticle by moisturizing them.
How To Get Stronger Nails6. File Your Nail Proper Way
You must file your nails in one direction and properly. Do not leave rough edges as it increases the chances of nails getting broken.
How To Get Stronger Nails7. Quick Dry Nail Polish? No, Thanks
Quick dry nail polishes are bad for your nails. They do dry quickly but they also take the moisture away from your nails and make them brittle. Never use it.
How To Get Stronger Nails
If you follow these seven steps, then you will never need to ask again that how to get stronger nails as with help of these tips your nails will grow stronger and will look fabulous for sure.

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