How To Have Sex, Make Sweet Love With These Steps

The first time sexual intercourse remains special, whether you are doing it with your wife/husband or your boyfriend/girlfriend. But, of course, some people are not sure about how to do sex for the first time. Obviously, doing something for the first time is a little bit risky as you haven’t experienced it before. But don’t worry, here are some steps which will guide you during your first sexual journey or in simple words here is the answer of the most typical question, How To Have Sex For The First Time or simply how to have sex?

Enjoy Foreplay

how to have sex

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This is the most important step as it creates a sexual desire for sexual activity. In the guide of how to have sex, this point plays a major role. It is the starting thing and speaking genuinely, it is the heart of the sex life.

Have Fun But Be Calm

Both these things should go simultaneously, you should enjoy each and every moment of the action but at the same time, you have to keep calm. How to have sex comes second but how to behave properly during sex comes first.

Be Safe And Prepared

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Carry a condom every time because if you don’t there are chances that your wife or girlfriend can get pregnant. There are also things like STDs and emotional setbacks. So be prepared for everything and this is your third step in the guide of how to have sex?

During The Time Of Insertion

how to have sex

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Look, guys, you should know the location of the vagina and if you don’t know ask your partner to help. Don’t get embarrassed, as this is the moment when you both are high (sexual excitement is on the top). Do it in a proper and in a gentle way. This point is the highlight in the guide of how to have sex?

Climax Situation

At this moment, women like to be held or cuddled. Hold each other with more love and intimacy. And this is the second last step in the guide of how to have sex?

Wrapping Up

how to have sex

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Share your experience with your partner. Try to make him/her comfortable by talking or smile in a romantic way. So this is the end of your guide titled how to have sex or how to have sex for the first time?