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High Life How to Impress a Woman on WhatsApp and Facebook

How to Impress a Woman on WhatsApp and Facebook

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How to impress a woman is as difficult as building Rome in a day! With the advent of technology, the world is moving faster than ever on the Internet. From teenagers to young every person loves to spend time via chatting on WhatsApp and Facebook. As these two apps are ideal for sharing pictures, voice messages, recordings, live chats, videos, and much more. All you have to do is to use some skills that must be appealing and highly impressive that make you a girl or woman fall in interest for you.

how to imress a woman

1) How to impress a woman by being confident!

Girls don’t like the boys who fall for them just like that. Show some attitude with confidence, it actually works, for example, don’t agree with them on everything they say. Show your pint of view with some confidence, this will let them know that guy is confident and is open to talking. But side by side keep calm and talk genuinely with the girls!

confidence to impress a woman

2) How to impress a woman with a unique profile picture

Put a unique profile picture on your Facebook or Whatsapp account which should be classy and smart at the same time. However, it shouldn’t be fake or exaggerate things that you don’t possess in real. Be real, real is appealing!

how to impress a woman

3) How to impress a woman by choosing some interesting topic to talk

Don’t talk monotonously on topics such as kya khaya? kya piya? and all! Choose some interesting topics if you actually want to know how to impress a woman such topics are –  what are her inspirations? what she actually wants to watch on TV? What food does she like to eat most? And some more stuff related to it. Such type of small talks brings a curiosity in her to talk and share things with you.

don't reply her instantly to impress a woman

4) Impress a woman by concentrating on her and avoid talking about others

This is the biggest mistake guys usually do, never talk about anyone else on chat with her. Girls just love talking about herself, so force or encourage her to say or tell more about herself than talking about yourself. no doubt, initially you have to agree with her on every single thing she says. This will make her realize that this guy is sweet and is actually caring!

Impress a women by talking about her

5) How to impress a woman with proper use of emoticons!

Don’t use emoticons that show vulgarity or make fun of her in your initial days of attracting a woman, she might feel that humiliating. Encourage her by sending a smiley with a great smile even on her worst joke. And don’t forget to send her heart emoticons time to time!

How to impress a woman by sending emoticons

6) Impress a woman by not replying her instantly!

Even if you like her madly, don’t reply to her instantly in no time after seeing her message. Woman don’t like sticky persons but don’t forget to reply her to her every message. Keep patience and see the magic!

how to impress a woman by not replying her instantly

7) Impress a woman by staying unique!

You can estimate properly after having a long chat with the lady of your interest that she likes to chat with you or not. If yes, then move on to the second level that is romance. Do something like that your kindness, smartness, caring and loving characteristic grab her attention towards you.

how to impress a woman by staying unique on whatsapp

Follow these simple tips of chatting on WhatsApp or Facebook and then see the magic how women get attracted to you just like a magnet!

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