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How To Live Happy Even After A Recent Break Up And Move On!

Girls are really softer from inside and they can’t handle their emotions when it comes to their loved ones. They really very sensitive. Actually, guys should take care of these things. But still the got hurt by someone so here’s the way to get rid of that unnecessary sorrow. Here’s the list of things that you have to do for living a happy life and move after break up:

1)Make Your Space

Yes! making space here means to clean up your room and make your space to add new things. Clean up your walls to paste new posters and your shelves to add cute showpieces. Try to add such things to your room which gives happiness or peace either.

2)Get Rid Of Memories

Okay! If your ex-gifted you expensive watch or piece of jewellery keep but hide it somewhere where you can’t see. Otherwise, trash your rest memories which makes you sad and reminds you of him. Just remove those things from your vision and stay happy and cool..

3)Cut Off Contact

It doesn’t make any sense if you are still in contact with your ex as a friend or anything. Just completely cut off your contact at least until you got healed. After that, if you want to keep in touch with him you can but it should not affect your life anymore.

4)Take A Break

Yeah! if you are dealing with your sad period after break up. Just a take a break from your daily routine and manage to have a short vacation. But it should not affect your job or studies. If vacation is not possible in a case just try to fun at home or watch movies or play games.

5)Have Fun With Friends

This is really a nice idea. if you want to surrounded by people who really love you there is no better option than family or good friends. Just try to spend more time with your friends and family and have fun with them.

6)Join Group or Class

To keep yourself busy in your own works, just join a class for your hobby such as singing, dancing or cooking. you can be a part of groups also. You can even join the theatre.

7)Write Your Thoughts

Writing is the best thing. when nobody is there to listen to you here’s your pen and dairy. You can even write a letter to your ex but you should not send this to him. Because this is just an exercise to get your bad feelings out of your heart.

8)Always Remember The Bad Side of Your Ex

The good things about your ex will always pop up in your mind and you will want him again. But remember, why you broke up with him, something was worst for sure. So, don’t ever commit a mistake to forget his wrong side.

9)Take Care Of Yourself

“It’s important to know that you are important”.You should give yourself the first priority and always take care of your health and works also.

10)Know Why You Are Better Alone

I am pretty sure that you will find a plethora of reasons that why you are happy alone. There are many things which couldn’t do because of him. So, its time to do those incomplete things. Go ahead girl, now who is holding you back?

11) Don’t Be Shy To Consult A Therapist

Yes! sometimes it’s not easy for a person to deal with such situations on their own. So, if you find difficulty in facing this period of life even after applying the above points then there’s is not a big deal to consult with a therapist. Don’t feel shy about yourself it’s quite normal.

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