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Infotainment How To Maintain The Shine Of Your Bike

How To Maintain The Shine Of Your Bike

How To Maintain The Shine Of Your Bike ?

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How To Maintain The Shine Of Your Bike
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Having a Bike is a boy’s dream but when it comes to maintaining their bike they do not know the whole thing as how to maintain the  shine of their bikes, just washing is not enough. You have to wash it in the right way and you should have all the required equipment’s to wash it like a sponge not any other old piece of cloth, the right kind of brush, rags ! Did you know all this ? I bet some of you are wondering what is a rag ? Right, Let’s face it we ignore these kinds of details and end up complaining after a year of buying a bike that “My bike looks like 10 years old !!”

Knowing The Basic Nature Of Bikes !
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First, you should be aware of the basic nature of a bike, some people are not aware of the fact that bike has different mechanics from that of a car. We assume that bike has the same nature and mechanics like a car. See car is a four wheeler and a bike is a two wheeler we all know that but a  car is not an “open environment”  but a bike is ! How to Maintain Shine Of Your bike is a question  mostly boys searches with the hope to right solution but never gets an analyzed answer do not worry today is your lucky day as you have landed the right place.

How To MaintainThe Shine Of Your Bike By Getting It Ready First

How To Maintain The Shine Of Your Bike With The Help Of Sponges, brushes and rags
Image Credit – Bike dekho

It’s a sunny day and you are free thinking what should you do ? go get  up and go prep your bike to wash, first, check the engine of your bike it should not be hot. If you are wearing any kind of jewelry like a ring or a watch remove them as they may cause scratch while you scrub your bike. Also remove the extra things from your bike like tank bags, luggage or GPS so that it may not get wet.

How To Maintain The Shine Of Your Bike With The Help Of Sponges, brushes, and rags
Image Credit : Bike dekho

 When cleaning your bike use different sponges for different areas. Steel wool is best to remove any kind of spot or grease.

Entire Cleaning Process

How To Maintain The Shine Of Your Bike
Image Credit : Bike dekho 

How To maintain the shine of your bike with the help of just water first ? It’s a pre-wash ritual. Before cleaning it with detergents and all, Wash it first with the help of water you can do it with a pipe hose, you can put pressure on the water with your thumb by putting it in front of the hose pipe. The pressurized water then will reach those areas which are hard to reach just with your hands, it will remove the mud clogged, you should clean your outer engine first then mudguards as they are a little hard to clean.

Clean the bottom part of your bike first –  You should start cleaning from the bottom part of your bikes , like engine tires, then fuel tank and front visitor and others part.

How To Maintain The Shine Of Your Bike
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Cleaning Tires – cleaning the tires can be tough, just use a tire cleaner and spray it all over the tires and then scrub them gently. After washing and shampooing your bike, properly dry it off.

Polishing The Bike

How to maintain the shine of your bike
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After drying your bike, polish it with a separate cloth and uniformly spread it over. Polish is what cream to your face, it provides moisture to your bike. Polishing completes the whole process of washing and gives your bike a finishing touch. After polishing, you can also apply a layer of wax after which your bike will get the shine you want.

How To Maintain The Shine Of Bike In Future

How to Maintain the shine of your bike in
Image Credit : Sagmart

After, the whole process of cleaning, washing, drying and waxing your bike. The next step of yours is to maintain the shine of your bike for a long time by using the same techniques.

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