High Life Food How To Make Suji Ka Halwa With Roasted Almonds

How To Make Suji Ka Halwa With Roasted Almonds

“Life is short, Eat dessert first”, this quote is inspiring as well as mouth watering. Who does not like dessert ? Everyone loves to eat something sweet and delicate and that’s what desserts are they are sweet in taste and very delicate to eat. One of the most loved dessert in Indian households is Semolina dessert meaning Suji Halwa, It is religious also whenever any festival comes it is cooked and it’s compulsory ! But it is very hard to make a beautiful and delicious suji Halwa, mostly women complain about it. Do not worry we have bought you a recipe which will definitely help you to make a yummy Suji Halwa !

Suji Halwa
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Ingredients which is required to make Suji Ka Halwa –  

Suji  ( main ingredient) – 1 cup

Almond –  1/2 cup

Ghee – 1/2 cup

Sugar – 1/2 cup

Milk – 1 cup

Safron ( Kesar ) – a few strands , Not Compulsory

Green Cardamom ( Elaichi) – 1/2 teaspoons

Process Of Making Suji Ka Halwa –

Step – 1

Pat the almonds dry. Keep aside twenty almonds for garnish and grind the rest to a coarse powder.

Step – 2

Heat half a cup of ghee in a pan.

Step – 3

Add almond powder and sauté over medium heat till golden. Add semolina and mix well. Add sugar and mix. Add milk and stir to mix well. Let it cook for eight to ten minutes.

Step  – 4

Add saffron and stir. Continue to cook till the halwa thickens.

Step – 5

Add green cardamom powder and stir to mix well. Add one tablespoon of ghee to finish off.

Step – 6

Garnish with reserved almonds and serve hot.

sanjeev kapoor
Image Credit : fusion Life

You know what is the plus point of this recipe ? This is a Sanjeev Kapoor recipe ! Sanjeev Kapoor who is all over the world famous for his cooking, and his cooking show “Khana Khajana”, which used to broadcast in almost 120 countries. Make Suji Ka Halwa and enjoy eating.

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