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News Technology How To Make Your Wordpress Website Superfast ??

How To Make Your WordPress Website Superfast ??

How To Make Your WordPress Website Superfast ??

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WordPress is a very popular php framework for blogging and making super cool websites. Nearly 25-30% percents sites over internet are powered by WordPress and its becoming stable more day by day. WordPress plugin directory has thousands of plugins to customize functionality and look of the website.

But the as wordpress uses external plugins to enhance functionality so these poorly coded plugins can degrade the performance of wordpress site. So half of the wordpress website over internet are slow due to following reasons, your site may be slow due to one the reasons given below :

Poor Quality Website Hosting or Shared Hosting

Excess use of Plugins

Poor quality theme Usage

Lack Of Caching Plugins

No use of Content Delivery Network

Large Image size

These reasons can make your website slow, but don’t worry I have found out the solutions for these problems, use all the steps given below to make your wordpress website superfast.


This is one of the most crucial thing to consider while starting a new website, because of the websites are slow due to shared hosting as the resources are distributed among many users and other sites on same server can downgrade your website performance and can make your site load slow.

Solution : Never use a shared hosting if you want to start a commercial wordpress blog or you want to make money from your wordpress blog, no one like waiting so if your site does not load in less than 5 seconds, 90 % of your visitors leave your site before your website page loads.

Use the following website hosting companies according to you location :

DreamHost : For America Region

If you live in Asia, Don’t go for any hosting company because most of these companies have their data centers in US region and their is latency in website load from US location in Asia Region. To solve this Use a cloud hosting, these cloud hosting have their data centers in Singapore and Hong Kong locations, Use Bitnami Cloud Hosting for Amazon, Your site will Fly.

How To Make Your WordPress Website Superfast? hosting

Use Of Plugins

Avoid using plugins in wordpress, cause they make your options table heavy which results in slow loading of wordpress site.Always use good quality plugins from known plugin authors or avoid using plugins.

How To Make Your WordPress Website Superfast? avoid plugins

Good Quality Themes

Use a good quality beautifully coded theme on wordpress, never use themes downloaded from themelock or any other third party source, they may have malware and scripts which can break your wordpress site or can make your server sending spam mails, these scripts uses your server resources and it starts responding slow. Always buy themes from themeforest as theme author provide the support with the theme.

themes -How To Make Your WordPress Website Superfast?

Lack Of Caching Plugins

This is very important thing to consider because TIME TO FIRST BYTE depends upon the caching, if there is no caching plugins used, PHP has to run the code everytime users request a page, so all the code and MySQL queries has to run to create a page, so to solve this, these plugins store a cache on server hard disk and servers a static page to most of the users until the page has been updated .

Recommended Plugins for Caching

Wp Super Cache ( For Beginners)

W3TOTAL Cache (For advanced Users)

Content Delivery Network

CDN can make your static resources load super fast as they serve the static resources from their edge location so decreses the latency of page load and also shedd off the load on your server as server has to honour less request.

Recommended CDN for a wordpress site are

Max Cdn ( Approx $9 per month)

CloudFront By Amazon Web Services ( Free For one year )

How To Make Your WordPress Website Superfast CDN

Large Image size

Never use large size images on website, always use images after compressing the images with tools like Photoshop or other free tools available over internet, You can use SmushIT plugin to compress images but avoid using plugins, upload compressed sized images to make the static images load later and to decrease the page size.

These steps can help you to make your wordpress website or blog at the speed of light.

Or you can write me a mail at sandeep@pagalparrot.com if you want to have one on one session to make your website load fast.

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