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Infotainment How To Manage Time In Examination Hall While Writing CBSE Exam 2018

How To Manage Time In Examination Hall While Writing CBSE Exam 2018

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Students appearing for 10th and 12th standard board examination often complain about the lengthy question paper. After the examination, most students say that they knew every question but were unable complete the exam paper on time as it was too lengthy. An overlook shows that most of the students of CBSE class 10 and class 12 board exams are unable to complete their exam paper on time. Generally, students miss developing their time management skills during their exam preparation. During the examination, proper time management is very important if students want to score good marks in the examination. Some tips on how to manage time in exam hall while writing CBSE Exam is given in the points mentioned below.

How To Manage Time In Exam Hall While Writing CBSE Exam 2018

  • Go through the entire question paper in the first 15 minutes

One of the best things about the Central Board of Secondary Education is that it gives all its students the first 15 minutes to read the question paper. Students must use this time to strategize on how to write the exam paper. First of all, students must make sure that there are no unordered or missing pages in the exam paper. Then they should read the question paper thoroughly and categorize the questions into hard, medium and easy. This will help them to plan on how to complete the exam paper on time.

  • Don’t stick to any specific order

Many students make strategies that they will solve section D first or section B first a and so on. Students are advised not to stick to any specific order while writing the examination. They should make a proper strategy on how to write the exam in the first 15 minutes and follow it strictly.

How To Manage Time In Exam Hall While Writing CBSE Exam 2018

  • Don’t be afraid of tough questions

While going through the CBSE question papers, students may come across some questions that may seem tough. Students should not panic in such situations as it will lower their concentration and harm their performance. Students are advised to start with the easy questions and proceed slowly to solve the hard ones.

  • Maintain speed and accuracy

Speed and accuracy are very important if a student wants to finish his or her question paper on time. While writing the exam, students must know the marks distribution of every question and how much time it will take to solve them. This will prevent them from wasting precious time during their examination.

How To Manage Time In Exam Hall While Writing CBSE Exam 2018

Students who are going to appear for CBSE Board examination can follow these strategies while writing their paper. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel and watch interactive video lessons on science and math topics and prepare for CBSE Board exam more effectively. 

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