“How To Murder Your Husband” Book’s Author ‘Nancy Brophy’ Murders Her Husband

71-year-old writer Nancy Crampton Brophy is suspected of killing her husband. Her husband Daniel was shot dead right at the institute in Oregon. The investigation of the complicated case lasted more than four years, and during this time the investigators found several irrefutable pieces of evidence.

Nancy Brophy

It is ironic that the woman is known as the author of the book The Wrong Husband and a series of other similar materials, among which was the essay How to Kill Your Husband. Apparently, Crampton Brophy committed the crime in order to make money from insurance. In total, she was supposed to receive $ 1.5 million but became one of the suspects due to a series of evidence found, according to The Guardian.

Author Nancy Brophy Murders Her Husband

  • The woman was seen in the car as she was driving back and forth to the place where someone had shot her husband. Crampton-Brophy stated that she was at home that day.
  • On the writer’s computer, they found links to materials about weapons that cannot be traced, as well as various components for them.
  • And in the smartphone, they found data indicating that Crampton Brophy visited a special shooting range. It can be used without registration and paperwork, which also raises suspicions.

The writer tried to pay the investigators who were investigating to write off some evidence from her and remove her from the status of a suspect.

Author Nancy Brophy Murders Her Husband

On May 25, Nancy Crampton-Brophy’s hearing ended and she denied all charges. The final verdict will be made on June 13. If the judge finds her guilty, she faces a minimum of 25 years in prison.