Narendra Modi’s Sister Lata Mangeshkar Could Not Send Rakhi This Year

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High Life How To Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy ?

How To Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy ?

2. Cooper T  –

The Cooper T is an effective method and has been used by women’s since 5 decades, and it is 99 % effective. But you need a doctor to implant it. The Copper T is a simple intra-uterine device (IUD) made of a flexible, “T” shaped piece of plastic wrapped with a thin copper containing wire. This shape is chosen as it fits the area around the uterus, allowing for the Copper T to sit in place for years without moving around.When inserted, the ends of the “T” are folded and inserted into the patient with a straw-like tube. Once in place, the spermicidal effects of the Copper T are in effect, and the tiny piece of plastic and copper becomes a birth control device.

Copper ions prevent pregnancy by inhibiting the movement of sperm because the copper-ion-containing fluids are directly toxic to sperm.

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cooper T how to prevent pregnancy
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