Being overweight or fat may be a small issue for some but a major issue for many people, be it young or old. As we grow our body undergoes many physical and hormonal changes that can lead to lot of weight gain which can become reason for emotional disturbance and hence depression. But there are many people you are happier after gaining weight and they find more reasons to be happy and confident with their life than others who are thin and insecure. We give you some tips on how you can be happy while being fat.

  1. Talk to Someone

When we are sad or depressed we want to talk to someone on whom we can trust and talk our heart out. By discussing our feelings with someone whom we can trust we feel relaxed and positive about ourselves. So to be happy while being fat we can talk to someone who is very close yo us and will understand us well or a councellor.


2. Read a Journal

If you feel that there is no one around to talk to and you cant share your feelings with anyone, read a journal related to being overweight and suggesting you other tips to be happy while being fat.


3. Indulge yourself in your Hobby

By keeping yourself busy in doing your favorite hobby you forget about your weight for that period of time and stay happy while enjoying your hobby. getting involved in your hobby makes you focused and feel confident and happy about yourself and you dont remember being fat.


4. Ignore teasing and bullying

Being bullied and teased by persons around you when you are fat is very common and disturbing at the same time. One needs to be calm and patient in such situation and try not to react in the same way. Rather they should let people know the positive side of themselves like their qualities and not just being fat and let people know that how happy they are alongwith being fat or simply avoid them like Palak does in CNWK by saying ‘Talk to my Hand’.

Portrait of woman

5. Self-Esteem

Belief in Yourself!! The most important thing is to have self confidence andnot letting people lower down your self esteem by their comments and taunts because inner peace gives you self esteem and is must to remain happy while being fat.

mid section view of a man sitting on a bench in a park --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis


So to remain happy and positive while being fat you must follow the above tips and also follow a healthy diet and exercise routine that can help you reduce weight.

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