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How To Stop WhatsApp From Sharing Your Data To Facebook

WhatsApp had announced that it will be updating its terms and conditions for the first time in four years and its privacy policy as well. WhatsApp has confirmed that it will share your phone numbers on facebook.In a separate FAQ post, WhatsApp says this on Facebook integration, “For example, once you have accepted our updated Terms and Privacy Policy, we will share some of your account information with Facebook and the Facebook family of companies, like the phone number you verified when you registered with WhatsApp, as well as the last time you used our service.”

What Will Be Shared With Facebook  ? Exactly ?

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WhatsApp new privacy policy
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But because of WhatsApp end-to-end encryption Facebook will not be able to see your messages, photos or any other media you share be it be a voice recorded message or a video. So, relax a little ! If WhatsApp is sharing your phone number with Facebook it is not a huge issue as it won’t automatically post your phone number on your profile.

And now the main question as to ” How can I stop WhatsApp from sharing my data with Facebook ?”

How to opt out of WhatsApp new policy
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Do not worry you can easily opt out from this new privacy policy by following very simple steps.

  • open WhatsApp on your smartphone , Android
  • Select settings
  • Select account
  • Tap the option “Share my account Info”
  • To stop WhatsApp from sharing your data select the option “don’t share”.          

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