Hrithik Roshan to record a statement against Kangana Ranaut

Their quarrel has been going on for more than five years. Today, on Saturday, Hrithik Roshan recorded his statement against Kangana Ranaut at the Mumbai Crime Branch. After receiving the news, Kangana also referred to Hrithik as ‘Silly X’ and took him by the hand.

It is heard that Hrithik and Kangana dated for a short time in 2013-14, which later ended in bitterness. Revealing the mail sent by Hrithik, Kangana referred to Hrithik as his ‘Silly X’, which Hrithik denied and filed a complaint against Kangana. 

According to Hrithik’s complaint in 2016, someone else e-mailed Kangana from his e-mail ID. The turn of blaming each other continues. Finally, in 2020, at the request of Hrithik’s lawyer, the Criminal Intelligence Unit took charge of the case. 

“The world has come a long way, and my Silly X is still standing where time will never go back,” Kangana wrote on her social media after receiving the news that Hrithik will be going to record her statement. Hrithik, however, did not get involved in any controversy on social media. The answer is that he will give the legal way, it is clear in his steps.