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High Life Meet The Hulk Man Of Pakistan, Claiming To Be The World's Strongest...

Meet The Hulk Man Of Pakistan, Claiming To Be The World’s Strongest Man

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25-year-old Arbab Khizer Hayat is getting famous with the name of Hulk-man nowadays. He hails from Pakistan, he has a weight of 431 Kgs and claiming to be the world’s strongest man. His video of stopping a tractor from reversing holding a rope attached to it with his bare hands is getting viral on social media.

He aspires to become a weightlifting champion. He claimed that he lifted 4535 Kgs of weight during a Japanese championship. He says,

“He is thankful to God that he gifted him a colossal body, but to maintain a body like a beast is not everyone’s cup of tea.”

Hayat is 6 feet 3 inches long and aspires to become weightlifting and WWE championship, he also signed a contract with WWE. Guinness Book of World Records has registered his name as world’s strongest man in 2015. He can lift a person with his just one hand. 

He can eat up to 3Kg meat in his one meal, he eats 36 eggs in his breakfast, 3Kg mutton, and 5 liters milk in his lunch and same as in his dinner. He has no disease, even after putting on so much weight, he said

“I face no difficulty due to my weight even want to increase it more as I want to become the world’s strongest man.”

Hayat belongs to Mardan city of Pakistan, he is a superstar there. Every day hundreds of people come to him to have or click a photo with him. He says, I am getting so much of love there in Pakistan, however, I want to become an International star.

Watch his video here:

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