High Life This Girl Did Something Beyond Words To Honor Her Dead Boyfriend's Wish

This Girl Did Something Beyond Words To Honor Her Dead Boyfriend’s Wish

People in true love do unique things for their beloved partners. Today we are going to tell you a story of a girl who really did something extraordinary to honor her late boyfriend’s wish. This is a story of former Versace model Jennifer Pamplona. She had undergone drastic cosmetic surgeries to look like a Barbie doll and spends $100,000 for that.

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She did so because her late boyfriend and model Celso Santebanes wanted her to look like a barbie doll. She vied to honor last wish of her boyfriend by becoming a real-life Barbie doll. You will get stunned by seeing her incredible transformation.

Indeed, she chose a unique life goal. After her transformation, she’s been called as “the human Ken doll.” It was Celso’s dying wish that inspired her to change her body and looks. Her pictures reveal her unbelievable transformation. 

This inseparable couple was head over heals in love and loving life as professional models. Celso wanted one thing, though — to turn his former Versace model girlfriend Jennifer into a human Barbie. Unfortunately, Celso passed away from leukemia, leaving Jennifer with enormous grief in 2015.

After his death during an interview she said, 

 “When he died I was devastated, I never imagined something like that could happen while we were so young”.

Jennifer wanted to fulfill her boyfriend Celso’s final wish as she loved him so much. So she decided to undergo a cosmetic surgery to change her body. She has changed so much that at first, her family didn’t even recognize her. Well, what she did is really commendable and appreciable!

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