Ankita Lokhande Shares Her Pics In White Saree

Ankita Lokhande took to social media to share photos of her flaunting in Saree white. And also shared the secret to happiness.
High Life Human Eyes Can See 22 Kms Far Away, Interesting Facts You Never...

Human Eyes Can See 22 Kms Far Away, Interesting Facts You Never Knew Before

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Our eyes are the second most complex organ of our body after brain. These can process upto 36 thousand bits per hour information. It means half part of our brain helps in the vision process. The 85% of total information that we get from our 5 sense organs, processed only through our eyes. Here are some interesting facts of the human eyes that you never knew before:

Fact 1 – If there exist a crystal clear atmosphere without any pollution, our eyes can see luminescence emitted through a candle during the night from 22 kms far away. Some theories also stated that the people with blue eyes can see better in the dark.

Fact 2 – Near about 6000 years ago due to the mutation in the genes, one person got blue eyes. Today, all the people with blue eyes are the successors of that person. However, if you got brown eyes then feel happy because it is the original colour of human eyes.

Fact 3 – One of the interesting facts of eyes are it read words 25% slow on the computer screens as compare to books. Means, if on your laptop you take 4 hours to complete an eBook then it will take only 3 hours to read the printed book.

Fact 4 – The red-eye effect that appears in our photos occurs when a camera captures light reflecting from the retina at the back of your subject’s eye when a flash is used at night and in dim lighting.

Fact 5 – The size of the eyes remain same from our birth to death. Only the size of head grows, this is the reason we find babies’ eyes big and popping.

Fact 6 – The muscles of the eyes are very flexible. The muscles of the eye constantly move to readjust the position of the eye even when the head is in motion. Along with that, they also work during sleep as we constantly move our eyes during rapid eye movement sleep (REM). In this way, the eye muscles work restlessly.

Fact 7 – All of us have a blind spot in our eyes. Yes, surprised? actually, the retina is covered with light-sensing proteins. They send the information to the optic nerve which carries it back into the brain. The problem is, the optic nerve ends in the field of the retina itself. This creates a blind spot.

Fact 8 – Our fingerprints contain only 40 types of unique characteristics whereas the Iris of our contain 256. Surprised again?


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