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A Mysterious Place in The World Where Women Become Pregnant Naturally at Age 65-80 Also

A man is becoming a father naturally at age 60 or 70 is something we all have heard once in our life. A man’s fertility has a span way far than a woman. Whereas in a woman getting pregnant after 38-45 is harder. A news shocked the world when an Indian woman became a mother at age 72. But Daljinder Kaur and her husband conceived their son through IVF (medical help) after trying unsuccessfully for 46 years.

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But did you know? There are some women in the world who can give birth naturally at an old age of 65-70 also? Let us tell you! These women belong to the Hunza tribe. Hunza is a tribe whose people live for 120-145 years. Their 60 years old women look like 30. These are also called Burusho people. They live in Hunza, Nagar, Chitral, and in valleys of Gilgit–Baltistan in northern Pakistan, as well as in Jammu and Kashmir, India.

The women of this tribe are considered the most beautiful women in the world. Hunza People and their extraordinary lifespan up-to 145 to 160 years is one of the real mysteries to the people who live in the urban areas nowadays. Their extraordinary diet and lifestyle are one of the major factors for their long lifespan.

It is very common for Hunza women to conceive children even after the age of 60. It might sound shocking to you, but Hunzas can readily conceive even between the ages of 60 and 90. Again, the secret to their youth is their exceptional diet and physical activity.

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