India Husband Dumps Wife Under A Cow Dung Hillock To Cure Snake Bite...

Husband Dumps Wife Under A Cow Dung Hillock To Cure Snake Bite But She Dies Soon After

In India, still now in rural areas, people are superstitious. From breaking mirrors, hanging lemon and chillies to black cat crossing your path etc, we see them all around every day. The illogical beliefs are many and the latest on the board is curing a snake bite with cow dung.

Yes, you read it right! A 35 years old woman named Devendri from Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr, was out in the fields to collect wooden sticks for her household chores. She was then suddenly and unfortunately had bitten by a snake. Like anyone else, in order to rescue herself, she quickly ran to her home to inform her family members so that she can get treated on time.

However, her husband instead of taking her to the hospital or nearby dispensary, he called a snake charmer. The snake charmer suggested him to make a hillock of cow dung, covering up the body of the
Devendri. She was all wrapped under the cow dung hillock.

Meanwhile, the snake charmer started chanting mantras. Obviously, this didn’t help her and the poor woman died.¬†And due to someone’s stupidity, a life was lost.

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