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Now Reach Mumbai From Delhi In Just 1 Hour, Get Ready To Experience High-Speed Travel Via Hyperloop One

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Hyperloop One is the most discussed topic in the field of travel technology and India is all set to launch it. However, many of you are wondering about Hyperloop One in actual, so let us tell you, it is a concept proposed by billionaire inventor Elon Musk, CEO of the aerospace firm SpaceX.

hyperloop one to India

It is a reaction to the California high-speed Rail system currently under development. According to Musk, the idea of a bullet train is bland as it will be one of the most expensive and slow-moving in the world. 

Talking about India, the Indian government is working on bringing Elon Musk’s dream of high-speed travel via a tube to India. You know what! with the help of Hyperloop One implementation, a one-way trip between Delhi and Mumbai is estimated to take about 1 hour and 14 minutes only.

Hyperloop one is coming to India

This implementation comprises of two massive tubes stretching between Delhi and Mumbai. There will be pods that carry passengers and would travel via tubes at a speed over 1223.1 km/hr.

A tweet by Hyperloop One on Tuesday revealed,

“Now traveling doesn’t need to take days!”

It also asked the public to choose their favorite five routes across India. The Hyperloop One concept will also work on to address pollution and congestion of its roadways. For example, it is speculating that a trip to New Delhi and Mumbai would take hardly 83 minutes, with a stop in Jaipur and Indore. A non-stop flight between New Delhi and Mumbai takes about two hours and more than 33 hours by bus.

Well, before Hyperloop One its competitor Hyperloop Transportation Technologies pitched India on the technology last year. It aims to transport travelers in small levitating pods at speeds of jet airplanes.

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