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Entertainment I can’t even say good morning to Saif before my chai: Kareena...

I can’t even say good morning to Saif before my chai: Kareena Kapoor

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Kareena Kapoor Khan is a dazzling diva known for her outspoken behaviour and style statement. The actress was recently on Zee Cafe’s newest show Starry Nights 2. She appeared as the first guest on the show. The actress here spilled the beans on her professional and personal life in the first episode.

She revealed about growing up in the Kapoor family. Like we think, she was grown up in a royalty Kareena told something opposite. She said that they have had a middle-class upbringing because of her mother Babita. This, therefore, reflects in the kind of person that she is. Kareena said that,

“I am very practical, I weigh the pros and cons before I take decisions in my life”.

She said that, dressing up like a diva is a part of her profession but in real life, she really like to roam around in Pyjamas. She really feels comfortable in them. This shows another side of the diva we never saw before. She also revealed that she is a tea person. When she was asked about how a normal day in Kareena Kapoor Khan’s life would start, she said,

“When I wake up, I am a very chai person, I cannot function without chai. In fact, I can’t even say good morning to Saif before my chai”

Kareena Kapoor Khan was accompanied by her best friend, Amrita Arora on the show. Amrita also revealed many interesting things about the actress. While being asked about Kareena’s baby number 2, Amrita said,

“The next time she gets pregnant, I will leave the country. I was actually proxy pregnant when she was pregnant with Taimur.”

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