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News I Don't Have Corona: IndiGo Staff Shares Sad Story Of Discrimination By...

I Don’t Have Corona: IndiGo Staff Shares Sad Story Of Discrimination By Neighbours

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An IndiGo airline employee have shared a video by expressing the pain of being ostracised by society. The video contains the words of IndiGo crew member Amrita, which is shared by Priyanka Kandpal.

“Being in the service industry, we people are facing a lot. I am living in a place full of hypocrites, including the local police. Whereas my job requires that I have to be there on duty and my company is taking full precautions for me to be safe”.

amrita, indigo member

Amrita says that people of her society are discriminating against her by assuming that she also have coronavirus. Thus, this is harassing her mother too.

“Me and my mother stay together and when I am not at home, they are harassing my mother like anything. She can’t go out to buy groceries because people refuse her saying that ‘your daughter has corona, you might also have it’.”


Giving further details on the strict screening and checking process undertaken by her airline company, She added-

“We are being checked in and out and we are safer than you guys. We are taking much more precautions. If I am infected, I will go to the hospital first, rather than doing my job. And obviously, my body will not allow me to work, right?”

Watch the video here-

This is truly sad that the persons because of whom our nation is functioning are facing such stigmas. If we don’t support them, we will face really serious problems. Give them the respect they deserve and stop being sarcastic.

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