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High Life I Soaked A Penny In Coca-Cola, Result? Something we could Have Never...

I Soaked A Penny In Coca-Cola, Result? Something we could Have Never Expected!

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Coca-Cola is the most loved and consumed carbonated soft-drink popular in all the parts of the world. The drink brand has remained in top numbers for several years considering its huge fan-base.

Over the years many rumours have spread regarding the drink as to how a tooth kept in the drink dissolves it overnight. Even the most heard about, mentos rumour.


However, there are some really shocking facts that will make you think twice before having the drink too often.

1. Coca cola once contained cocaine.

Cocaine Hydrochloride Powdered
Cocaine Hydrochloride Powdered

In 1885, Coca-Cola was so named because of two of its ingredients: kola nuts and coca leaves. In the use of liquid extract from coca leaves, it was inevitable that at least a small amount of cocaine was included in Coke.

2. Cleaning tiles


Coca-Cola will clean tile grout with ease. One of the toughest thingsto clean is the grout between tiles. To make this chore a breeze just pour Coke onto the floor, let it sit for a couple minutes, then wipe it (andthe dirtiness) away.

3. Removes Gum From Hair


Ever got gum stuck in your hair? No Worries! just buy a can of coke and soak that part of your hair in a cup or saucer full of cocke and voila! Gum comes right out.

4. Scraping out burnt stuff from pans 


If you ever burnt food in the kitchen when your mom wasn’t around, well not to worry just use some coca cola and and the burnt stuff ill come right out.

5. Shining grimy pennies


wanna clean out your coin collection? Dip the coins or pennies in coke overnight and get them back all new and shiny.

6. Insect repellant


Take some coke in an open pan or saucer and place it away from where  you’re sitting while you are out on a picnic or camping in a tent and the flies and mosquitos will be busy taking in the sweetness of coke and leave you alone.

7. Toilet Cleaner


This is a not so famous use for Coke, but it’s so  insanely effective. If your toilet bowl is looking grimy, just pour some Coca-Cola into it and let it soak for a few hours (for best results, let it sit overnight). Come back, scrub it with a brush a little bit then flush. Have Yourself a shining toilet experience.

8. Rusty Bolts

pictures-Rusty Bolts and Holes

If you’re having trouble with a rusty nail or bolt stuck in something, just soak a rag in Coke and lay it over the object for a few hours, it should come out much easier afterwards.

9. Stain remover


Coca cola is an effective blood stain remover. It takes out old blood stains from your clothes or other fabrics.

10. Cleaning Batteries 


If this doesn’t scare you away from Coke, I really don’t know what would. You can clean away the corrosion on a car battery terminal by pouring coke over it.

All these maybe soome new found amazing uses of coke but take a minute to think whether you are really  willing to put that in your mouth? something like with such horrendous corroding strength should rather be kept in the garage or under the sink, Don’t you think?

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