Sushant’s Singh Reply When He Was Asked A Question About Heaven

When Sushant Singh Rajput Was Asked What Would You Like God To Say at Heaven’s Gate. Here's what the actor replied.
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“I Want To Kill Ranveer Singh,” Says Salman Khan

The highest grosser of this year, Sultan is really breaking all the records but what type of irony is this that even after so much of success, the Sultan star Salman Khan still wants to the Bajirao Mastani Star Ranveer Singh.

So what’s really going on in between Salman Khan and Ranveer Singh

Salman Khan wants to kill Ranveer Singh

Salman Khan has also informed that he has no interest in the movie’s collections.

“I don’t follow numbers. Producers follow numbers. YRF is following numbers. Once the film is done and initial awareness of the film is done  then I’m out of the film. I move on to next film. See, numbers do matter to me but I’m not good with dates and numbers. So even if someone comes and tell me that itna business hua hai, I will say theek hai.”

Salman Khan is even very happy about his film and is loving that people are watching his movie again and again.Mujhe compliment yeh mila hai ki log theatre mein ja rahe hain dobara aur phir thrird time film dekhne. Isse bada compliment ho nahin sakta.”

So if everything is alright with Salman Khan then why did he say that he wants to kill Ranveer Singh?

It looks like that Salman Khan didn’t like Ranveer Singh’s performance on the song “Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai” which he did in Parisian theater during the premier of the movie. Therefore, Salman Khan said these following words.

Ranveer Singh

“I want to kill him. I want to break a chair or something on his head… watch a film. Don’t start dancing and disturb the film.  He wasn’t watching Sultan. He was making people watch him. We should have charged money for that.”

But it also looks like that there’s no need to very as the Sallu Bhai was only kidding.

Salman Khan has also informed that he actually likes the young stars of India, “I like this boy Ranveer. I like Varun Dhawan, Tiger Shroff, Sooraj Pancholi. Arjun Kapoor is good. I like Ranbir Kapoor and Sidharth Malhotra,”  said Salman Khan.

The Sultan star would be seen on the Big Boss stage next and is all ready for the release of the latest season of the show meanwhile, some people also believe that he is still trapped in the “rape” comment controversy, therefore, aren’t taking his any words seriously.

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