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“I Wash My Bra Once A Month”, Women Reveal Their Dirtiest Habits

“I Wash My Bra Once A Month”, Women Reveal Their Dirtiest Habits


British women revealed some of their dirtiest habits in a recent study conducted by clothing retailer Banana Moon. Clare Macnaugton, 46 who works as a marketing consultant shared that, “Cleaning often doesn’t seem worth it. I rent an old farmhouse in the country. We have no streetlights or pavements and heavy farming machinery hurtle past my front door spraying mud everywhere. While I clean the house once a week for three hours, it’s tidy but still dirty because my two children traipse mud in from the outside and it’s a conveyor belt of staying on top. I feel similarly browbeaten when it comes to my own cleanliness. I wash my hair once a week and shower maybe twice a week. I hate brushing my hair because it’s so thick and it hurts, so I have an unkempt look. We are all a bit feral.”

Sinead Latham, 37, who is a social media trainer said: “We’re just generally low maintenance as a family and I probably only wash my jeans every three months when they’re visibly dirty. I wash my hair twice a week and use dry shampoo in between. I have a work uniform of a couple of outfits, so each week I rotate them and mix and match so I don’t have extra washing.

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Jen Gale, 40, who works as an ethical coach, said: “Bras will probably go in the wash once a month and I’ll sponge off the kids’ school trousers so they can wear them again and again without needing to go in the machine. It’s less work and I think the clothes wear out less quickly too.”

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