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IBM Made a Software That Can Predict When an Employee is Going to Quit The Job




Now if you are planning to quit your job, soon a software will make an announcement for the same. IT company IBM has made a software which will give all the information about an employee to the company. The company claims that it will predict the result with 95% accuracy. Presently, IBM is using this software to cease its employees from quitting the job.

During Human Resource Summit in New York, IBM’s CEO Ginni Rometty has given the information about this software. According to Ginni IBM successfully influenced its employees about not quitting the job.

This software contains a special data point program. This software understands many things like if an employee is doing overtime then his chances of quitting the job are more. If an employee is doing 15 hours job every week then he is on high risk of quitting the job.

apart from ceasing employees to quit their job, this software also helps to expel employees who are not doing their job well, especially from Human Resource Department.

According to Ginni, IBM wants to expel its 30% of employees of the Human Resource department in the world. This software will help them in this dismissal. This software is named as IBM AI Employee Retention Software.