ICC Elite Umpire Asad Rauf’s reason to exit from the role of umpiring to sell clothes in Pakistan

Asad Rauf, a former ICC elite umpire who officiated over 170 matches between 2000 and 2013, now sells clothing and footwear in a store in Pakistan.

According to reports, he no longer has a passion for cricket and now only ends up selling clothes and shoes for his staff, not for himself.

Pakistani umpire and former cricketer, Asad Rauf holds back the dream of being the cricket fraternity. Asad was recently spotted in his shop which he runs after quitting his cricketing career as a full-time umpire.

Asad Rauf was reportedly banned by BCCI in 2016 after determining that he had engaged in corrupt behaviour and interfered with the game of cricket.

He was also charged with accepting gifts from bookies and was implicated in the 2013 IPL spot-fixing scandal.

In an interview with Paktv, he said that ‘I have not been in touch with cricket since 2013, because when I leave something I leave it completely.’

He added that he has a propensity for finishing everything he starts. For instance, he began as a shopkeeper and rose to the top. He also played cricket and reached the top. He also began as an umpire and rose to the top in that position.

Asad claims that his duty as a shopkeeper is for the fulfilment of the staff’s employment as he as money to live a retired life too.