During the recent debate on justice juvenile bill in Rajya Sabha , various viewpoints were expressed but it was Derek O’Brien’s passionate speech that struck a chord with Indian masses.Derek O’Brien, former quiz master , who is a Trinamool Congress MP made his views on the juvenile justice bill clear when he said that he would have taken his gun out and shot the man if he attacked his daughter.

The debate was held on held on proposed law which says that offenders in crimes such as rape and murder above 16 years of age maybe be treated as adults after approval from juvenile justice board.This was done in light of recent events that led to the release of nirbhaya gang rape accused because he was a “minor” at the time of the incident.

Derek O’Brien was quoted as saying “Had it been my daughter, god forbid, what would I do? Would I have trusted the laws of the country or hire the best lawyers or taken out a gun and shot him? I would have taken out a gun and shot him. So it is an emotional matter .I urge parliament to put laws that ordinary citizens want…I stand here to support the bill…It is a good bill and we shouldn’t wait for an ideal bill”

Derek O Brien on juvenile justice bill