Ragini Dwivedi, Sanjjana Galrani To Be Questioned By ED In Sandalwood Drug Case

Sanjjana Galrani and Ragini Dwivedi will reportedly be questioned by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in Bengaluru's central prison.

Ideas for an Indoor Date

One of the ways to keep the fire burning in a long-term relationship is continuing to court your better half. Unlike in previous years, technology such as social media and dating sites like Happy Matches have made finding partners a little bit easier.

It is therefore essential to set aside regular dates to reconnect and ignite your love and romance frequently. However, making this a reality is quite tricky due to fixed budgets, tight schedules and the presence of kids. A newborn in the house can make it nearly impossible to leave the house for a date.

Indoor dates don’t require a lot of time or money. Commitment is essential, and the impact of indoor dates is incredible when it comes to reconnecting with your significant other. The key to a successful home date is creativity. What are those activities that you can do with your lover without leaving the house and at the same time ensure that you both enjoy yourselves? Watching a movie or a series is a good but obvious idea. You will need to come up with new ideas on what to do on your next date.

Here are some tips and ideas for an enjoyable, easy-to-plan and less expensive at home date you can try with your lover.

Make Dinner or Dessert Together

With tight schedules, making dinner together on a weeknight is pretty tricky. However, planning and finding time to cook together can be a fun and romantic way of reconnecting. You can try a new recipe together and ensure each of you is fully involved in the cooking. In the process, you can have a good conversation and make fun of each other.

Dine by Candlelight

Surprise him or her by changing the atmosphere. Set the table for two and put a tablecloth on the table. Light some candles and turn on some soft music. Then, serve her or him a full three-course meal exclusively prepared by you and accompany it with some sweet fine wine. Doing this occasionally will rejuvenate your love for each other.

Solve Some Puzzles Together

Puzzles aren’t expensive, and they can be easily acquired through the internet. The good thing about doing a puzzle together is that it is a collaborative exercise. There is nothing as impressive as the two of you using teamwork and scratching your heads to find that problematic piece. Discovering it brings that feeling of accomplishment and happiness.

Have a Movie Marathon Together

Get some popcorn, snacks and drinks and sit on the sofa with your sweetheart for a fascinating series. This will enable you to interact and have fun together without spending much money.

Give Each Other a Massage

This is an excellent way to make your relationship better and be sensual with each other. By giving a massage, the trust between you strengthens and enables you to be open to each other. Nonetheless, this can be difficult for most couples because skills are required. It is advisable that you find some time to learn how to massage to make the moment more enjoyable.

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