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News "If Bank Say There Is No Pay For No Work, So There...

“If Bank Say There Is No Pay For No Work, So There should Be Equal Pay For Equal Work”

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About 10 lakh bank employees are protesting for remuneration. There is a coalition of 9 bank unions from all over the country. One of the protesters said that bank id deducting their salary for not attending the duty and striking here.

She said, “If Bank Say There Is No Pay For No Work, So There should Be Equal Pay For Equal Work”.

The strike was started from 30th May and will remain till 31st May. The employees are demanding for the increment in their salaries. Moreover, these employees are saying that Indian Banking Association is willingly ignoring the demands of Bank Unions According to these employees, the increment which was expected to be implemented in 2012, was implemented in 2015. Moreover, another increment was expected to be implemented in 2017 and now this is May 2018. Further, the increment amount which is offered to the employees is 2% which is very less and means only 500-700 in their wages.

Apart from this, there are no proper time limits for the work of bank employees. They have to complete their targets and sell insurance policies every day. Unless they achieved their target, they are not allowed to go home.

The problems don’t end here. There are no proper sanitation facilities for women employees because some rural banks have no washrooms for women. So, sometimes they have to share one washroom for both male and female. In some banks, women find other alternatives such as going to somebody’s shop or home.

On the other side, the banks are running into losses and facing a lot of NPA issues. These are some examples of banks who are in huge loss:

  • Punjab National Bank                                                  12,282 Crores
  • Industrial Development Bank of India( IDBI)                8,237 Crores
  • State Bank of India                                                       6,547 Crores
  • Bank of India                                                                6,043 Crores
  • Oriental Bank of Commerce                                         5,871 Crores
  • Union Bank of India                                                      5,247 Crores


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