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If Game Of Thrones Was Directed By Ekta Kapoor, It Would Be Too Hilarious

Ekta Kapoor is the queen of the Indian television. Our moms, aunties and grandmoms won’t spare us if we utter a single word against her or her serials, all thanks to her “Aaaa aaaaa aaaaaa aaaa!” in the background, Aansuyon ka drama and Saas-bahu fisticuffs. Ever wondered what would have happened if Game of Thrones would be made in India and directed by Ekta Kapoor? Check it out below:

1) The show would be named as “Kahani Takht Ki” or “Kahani Khaleesi Ki” or “Kis Des Mein Hai Khaleesi” etc, you see filled with a lot of Ks.

2) As in the original show’s 6th season when Jon Snow came back after dying once, he would definitely come back in this too but with a plastic surgery.

3) There would be no death like the deaths of Ned Stark, Rhaegar Targaryen, Ramsay Bolton, Joffrey, Robb Stark, Catelyn Stark etc because if Ba can survive over 100 years why not they?

4) Instead of dragons, Khaleesi would mother three black cats, as Indian audience consider them a bad omen! “Kaali Billi Ka Aana Ashubh Maana Jata Hai”

5) Before dying, Ygritte would tell Jon Snow that she gave birth to their daughter and she is at some orphanage.

6) There would be a background sound, “Seeiii” just like “Nikaa” for Komolika, every time when Cersei plot something.

7) What GoT showed in only 60 episodes, in India it will take 1000 episodes because of the 15-minute long reaction shots with weird sound effects and replays. “Kya…kyaa…kyaa! Nahi…Nahi..Nahiii!”

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