If Pakistan attacks India with nuclear weapons, which city of India will...

If Pakistan attacks India with nuclear weapons, which city of India will be destroyed first?

The answer is NONE cause there is a reason behind this and the reason is called Indian’s Atomic Defence Mechanism like USA, RUSSIA AND ISRAEL. Our neighbour countries including China, North Korea, and Pakistan lacks this technology totally.

shaheen-3 missle pakistan

Although India works on o the principle of ” No Use First ” but India is not that fool to agree “No first use” commitment to get itself killed by sudden attacks by a country as poor in economy and technology as Pakistan. The moment Pakistan merely attempts to do anything like that our Anti-Ballistic Interceptors will not only catch them right there in Pakistan but rather can blast them in Pakistan Itself.

India’s Anti Atomic  Missile shield can destroy incoming ballistic missiles launched from as far as 2,500 km (1,600 mi) away. India is conducting tests to increase our reach so that we can intercept targets from up to 5,000 km (3,100 mi) both at exo and endo-atmospheric (inside the atmosphere) regions. The missiles will work in tandem to ensure a hit probability of 99.8 per cent as Indian Ballistic Missile Defence Programme is one of the most advanced defence systems in the world.

Akash_Missile_System_1 india

Delhi and Mumbai have already been 100% protected from any such attacks. Acquisition of S-400 missiles from Russia made it virtually impossible for Pakistan to do any kind of nuclear attack via long-range missiles.

Even if they attack our BALLISTIC MISSILE DEFENSE SYSTEM consisting of PRITHVI AIR DEFENSE and ASHWIN AIR DEFENSE will terminate any target that is headed towards INDIA.

how indian's defence system works

But If PAKISTAN ever attacks India, India will attacK Pakistan, And destroy it to ashes .But eventually no one will win and humanity will loose.

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