Legendary Singer SP Balasubramaniam Passed Away

South and Bollywood's veteran singer SP Balasubramanian has passed away on Friday. Balasubramanian was admitted to the hospital for the last 2...
High Life If They Could Forgive Us as Kids, What Goes so Wrong When...

If They Could Forgive Us as Kids, What Goes so Wrong When We Grow Up!

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As kids, we all used to be fearless, we really didn’t know what to do and that it would have consequences. As kids, they pamper us like Kings, they tell us that the whole world is ours, we cry they pamper us, we make a nuisance and they will still pamper us! “They” here includes, not just our parents but also who effect us! But what goes so wrong that the world suddenly starts changing?

They Expect The World Out of Us

alia-sept4When kids, no one even used to bother if we even had piss on time! But as they say, “If you water the tree, you expect the fruit to be sweet”. As we grow up, suddenly things change as if we had possessed super powers! The world isn’t  forgiving anymore. They won’t remember all good that you do, and never forget a mistake that you commit! All because, people think, maturity comes with age, but that’s just not the case.

We are Hunted Down by Numerous Responsibilities

_46388038-afa0-11e5-8782-a7e1fa0485daIt is a human tendency to think, that as the person ages, he grows responsible. But, that is never the case. Whatever we are, we are from our thoughts! Thoughts change time to time. Our behaviour always depends on the way we think, no age, or no person can ever change that. We all carry a very different way of perceiving things and its our perception towards a thing, that derives its meaning for us. What no one understands is that no matter how hard we try, the society does effect us and they have to let humans have that space that life does not work wonders as we grow! We all take time!

Suddenly Everything has to be Right,You Cannot Go Wrong!

maxresdefaultWhat our parents do not understand is, that we all start from a zero. Whatever we are, we are at the age that we are. They will always be elder to us and have much more of an experience because age and time are gradual processes and we cannot be having the same kind of an experience that they do! Yes, once we too reach at their age, may be we could have much more of an experience.

If You Show Your Emotions, They Think You Have Changed!


Well emotions lie within everyone because we all are humans. We may or may not like one or the other thing that the world has to tell us! But, as and when we react, they think we are not bound to behave in that manner because they do not expect that out of us! Don’t think you are liable for your reactions, but yes make sure they don’t go violent.

Expectations are the root of problems. They expect, get disappointed and then cannot forget and forgive. Forgiveness comes within! Things will happen because they are meant to happen, because life never stops teaching us! We must know, that the world will go on expecting as they hold a very minor thought in their heads that the maturity comes with age! But, let that not fail you! We need not go by their notion that if our limbs are finally in action, we can move mountains and that too quietly!

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