High Life Food If You Are A Cotton Candy Fan Then Disneyland's Glowing In The...

If You Are A Cotton Candy Fan Then Disneyland’s Glowing In The Dark Candy Is For You

Forget about unicorn sandwiches and noodles trending on the Instagram. The new trend is here, Disneyland’s glowing in the dark cotton candy is for all the cotton candy lovers.  This insanely colorful lit-up cotton candy is taking over the internet and is becoming everyone’s favorite. This sugary cloud filled with filled with bright neon lights is super-duper spectacular in every sense. Take a look yourself:

video source: go clone

This glowing cotton candy is getting plenty of attention for the unexpected way it lights up the night. Though the concept is not actually that new. Glo Cone is the company behind these glow sticks and they even have a patent on these cotton candy cone. And to our surprise, they have been around since at least 2009.

Guess what!!!! People are going crazy over this sweet mess, which is also available at the Magic Kingdom in Florida apart from Disneyland.

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We hope that you enjoyed this glowing cotton candy mess. We too hope to eat this sweet treat soon and if you are a cotton candy fan, it is kinda mandatory for you to visit Disneyland.

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