If You Are A Not Child! Then Leave These Morning Habits

Hit The Snooze Button

Most of the youngsters love to sleep especially don’t want to wake up earlier. Many of them take the help of alarm to wake up but they hit the snooze button again and again. Do you know that our body performs a sleep cycle which is of 90 minutes so how can you complete in 10- 15 minutes of snoozing. Research says that an average youngster has to complete the 5 cycles of sleep or have to complete 7and half hours to sleep. so, manage your routine and alarm accordingly.

Skipping On Shower

Ohhh! Please don’t do this you are grown up and not a child anymore. You know taking shower in morning refreshes our mind to solve problems and to avoid distractions. So, don’t ever skip to take shower.

Taking Hot Showers

Well, if there is an extreme cold so you can take hot showers but if normal then avoid. You know that the research says that the taking cold shower reduces our weight 9 pounds a year. So, always take a cold shower and feel fresh. One more thing, taking a hot shower can make you feel sleepy again and you want to go bed again but in contrast cold refresh you.

Checking Your Phone

Research proved that 80% of gadget users check their gadgets before doing anything in the morning. So, if are one of them, then avoid checking the lives of others on social media and spend this time on your own such as making yummy breakfast or listening to your favourite music.


Wasting time On Your Outfit

Yes! this is what most of all do. But this is really a waste of time. Our time is so precious so spend it on productive things. You can check your wardrobe regularly and remove the clothes from it which you don’t wear anymore.


Drinking Black Coffee

You should not drink coffee while empty stomach. Experts say the right time for drinking coffee is 3-4 hours after you wake up. If you can’t live without your cup of coffee then you can add some cream or fresh milk to in but ever drink black coffee empty stomach.





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