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News Business If You are Using Paytm For Transacting Money Then You Must Read...

If You are Using Paytm For Transacting Money Then You Must Read This

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The two things that are getting popular and are in trend after the demonetization/cashless phase in India are ATM and Paytm. ATMs are getting full with long queues and people using Paytm are increasing in number day by day. With all the privileges provided by the Paytm, one of them is E-wallet. By using E-wallet you can transfer money digitally to anyone at anytime.

Yesterday, a man tried to transfer money via Paytm for the first time and wrote the sum of Rs.1500 in the checkbox and put a number to forward it to someone. You are asked to put the registered number of the recipient while transferring money via Paytm. The man put the wrong number with only one digit and pressed enter by mistake and as a result, his money got transferred to someone else account.

However, it was not that worrying as he knows you can cancel an online payment order or lodge a complaint on customer care. By following some formalities you can get your balance back even in the banks. Well, he registered the complaint and Paytm replied with a mail.

E-wallets of paytm

But the questions are:

  1. We have 28% people illiterate in our country even today and there is no clear data about how many people out of literates are able to use digital transaction. So what if someone steals their money? Who is responsible for that?
  2. How Blind people are able to do digital payment? Are there any criteria?
  3. Schools or colleges that ban mobiles, how students can pay the canteen bills through Paytm there?
  4. What if you don’t have an Internet access or slow loading speed? Will you lose out your amount?
  5. Why Paytm doesn’t have any OTP or any other security feature? In this case, if you give your phone to someone else and he transfers all your money then what would be the solution?

Paytm is trending

There is a bundle of questions awaiting and we guess we get their answers with the passage of time. For time being use your Paytm E-wallet very carefully!

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