If You Have No Idea Of Buying A Pencil Eyeliner: Here’s The Answer


For all those college divas and the newbies who are trying out their hands at pencil eyeliner and yet have no idea about it. This post is for you. So keep reading.

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Pencil Eyeliner

Pigmentation: Before you buy an eye pencil make sure that it is well pigmented. Because an eye pencil that is rich in pigmentation can give you a smooth subtle look in just one stroke. And instead of grabbing the normal one go and get your hands on a pigmented one.

Eye Color: The second important thing to keep in mind before the purchase is your eye color and skin tone. There are varied colors available in the market so it’s better to check out which color suits you the most. For those with light skin tones, can opt for any color but usually, gray and browns colors are recommended. For medium and dusky skin tones, shades like black, navy blue, and browns are the most suitable.

Smoothness: If you are spending your hard-earned penny to buy a good eye pencil make sure you check its smoothness as well. Apply the pencil at the back of your palm and see if it’s smooth enough to roll it over your eyes. Because dry eye pencil can also damage your eye area, and can also cause irritation to those with sensitive skin.

Sharpener: Well, a sharper is something that doesn’t come complimentary with every eye pencil. But if it does and has all the qualities mentioned about. It is something that is a must buy. Always keep a sharpener to keep it pointed for easy application. Or else you can buy a separate one.


Here are few eye pencils suggestions that you can opt to get smooth and rich color and enhance the look of your eyes:

  • 1 Faces Canada long wear eye pencil, 2 Avon glimmersticks eyeliner, 3 Lakme absolute forever silk eyeliner, 4 Colorbar I-glide eye pencil ,5 Bourjois effect smoky eye pencil

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