High Life Humour If You Missed Lalu Yadav Hilariously Mimicking Modi, Then Do Watch The...

If You Missed Lalu Yadav Hilariously Mimicking Modi, Then Do Watch The Video Now

Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad Yadav is among the rare breed of politicians who can make hilarious speeches and take potshots at adversaries through satire and ridicule. He has also inspired a generation of comedians in the art of mimicry.

Yadav played the master mimicry artist at an election campaign rally in the state where he took on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his arch-rival and chief opponent.

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He mocked PM Modi at the manner in which the latter announced the central government’s special package for the state.

At the campaign rally, Lalu tickled the funny bone of many by his theatrical imitation of PM Modi – the rhetoric, hand-movements all included.

At one point he says, “Arey Modi ji theek se bolo, nai toh nas fat jayega” (Narendra Modi ji, please talk properly, or else the veins on the neck will break.”

Though the video is old but if you missed it anyway, it’s surely a treat :

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