If You Shower Without Soap This Is What Will Happen


We all wonder that the soaps we use on our bodies leave our skin squeaky clean. But today let us clear the myth. So if you think that putting soap to your body from head to toe is good, then you probably might be making mistake. Because using soap can harm more. Whether it’s your health or your looks. The only positive side is soap makes you feel fresh and you smells good. But for skin, it’s a big no.

So let us know that what happens if you shower without soap:

The skin will feel healthier

If you will not use the soap while taking shower then you will feel it getting healthier. Because the layer of the skins gets protected and more balanced. Although soap also cleanses well, you might not be knowing that it also cleanses off the natural oil that you have on your skin. And also disturbs pH balance.

Benifits of shower without soap

Less body odor

Using soap regularly can make you smell good! and it’s a great feeling right after you get out of the shower. However, the fragrance lasts for short time. And slowly the skin gets more prone to bacteria. Because as we said that soap damages the skin’s protective layer more bacteria and oils get produced.

Your private parts will be healthy

If you avoid using the soap near the private parts. Then it’s too good for you. Because soap can dry out the genital area. Instead, just use hot water to wash out the genitals.

You will experience wrinkle-free skin for longer

Soap can actually cause more harm than good. Because they can damage your skin’s acid mantle, which in turn give rise to many skin conditions, like acne and dermatitis. And also one can have more wrinkles because soap dries out your skin.

What’s the alternative for Soap then

Well, we think that soap is the only option, Instead of that, you can use Oil-based cleansers. Or natural scrubs like oatmeal, honey, and sugar. Because the best thing is that they exfoliate the skin without damaging the layer.

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