AIIMS Panel Shares Irrefutable Findings In Sushant’s Case

AIIMS forensic team analyzed the autopsy report prepared by Cooper Hospital. And to discuss the report they met agencies official on Monday
High Life If You Too Are Getting Persistent Headaches, Chances Are It Can Be...

If You Too Are Getting Persistent Headaches, Chances Are It Can Be Brain Tumor

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As per a recent analysis, constant headaches are being ignored by sufferers despite being aware of the fact that they are a common indicator of brain tumors.


Often headaches are treated with painkillers, even though there could be the other underlying causes. A dull persistent pain can be caused by increased pressure in the head due to the existence of a brain tumor.

As per the reports of The Independence – Professor Robert Martuza said, “This is usually a new headache that you’ve never had before, and it’s more of a dull ache.”

The pain is slow and persistent and grows as the tumor gets bigger and pressure starts to build within the head. If a tumor is present, the headaches are likely to be more intense in the morning or at night due to an increase in pressure in the brain when you sleep.

To reach the conclusion, the researchers analysed 95 patients with a confirmed diagnosis of brain tumour. Nearly half the patients showed a combination of symptoms, such as seizures, cognitive and speech dysfunction, or other neurological abnormalities. However, about one-fourth had isolated headaches without any other symptoms.

It was found that about 11 patients had only headache as the symptom of brain tumour.

So it is very necessary to get yourself diagnosed from time to time because ignoring small symptoms can prove fatal lately.

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