Imlie actress Preet Kaur Nayak feels her character in the show is quite realistic

Preet Kaur Nayak, who currently stars in the TV show Imlie, used to host travel shows in Delhi before making her acting debut in ‘Sabki Laadli Bebo.’

In Imlie, she has been playing Gashmeer Mahajani’s sister Rupali. When quizzed does it get repetitive? Preet said, “Imlie’s relationship with her own sister, Malini, isn’t as strong as the one she has with her sister-in-law Rupali. I don’t think it’s repetitive because I sometimes defend her, but there are times when I’m helpless and Imlie comes to my aid. When Rupali was depressed as a result of a terrible marriage, Imlie appeared as a ray of hope.”

Preet also talks about how she likes to watch Pakistani shows. She says,“I have been watching Pakistani dramas for quite some time. Recently I saw Suno Chanda, it’s such an amazing show. Every character in the show is distinct, and even supporting characters and cameos are given equal screen time.”

She further added, “It is not about a single character in international shows who will have to give extended dialogues and act like a superhero. I believe that series like these are needed in India as well, where each character is given ample screen time.”

Preet is delighted with her role in Imlie. She says, “When I initially heard about my character, I felt she was neither negative nor positive. She becomes bitter over the period of time because she was abandoned by her husband. She lives with her parents and occasionally feels nervous when she sees other couples in the house. She believes her parents consider her a burden.”

The pretty actress further added, “Unlike other shows I don’t have to don heavy sarees and wear loud makeup. I am enjoying shooting for Imlie because it is an amazing show.”