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In China Nutritious Turtle Soup Is Served To Coronavirus Patients

Arpita Mackelvy



More than a thousand people have lost their lives due to coronavirus infection, while 45,201 people have been infected. Not only this but about 5000 people have become unhealthy after being exposed to this infection. According to recent reports coronavirus patients are being fed turtle soup at dinner in China.   

Coronavirus is related to a disease that causes a person to have a cold, fever, dry cough, and breathing problems. It originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan. And considered as a dangerous disease that spreads from one person to another. Also till now the treatment or vaccine of this virus is available in the market, nor is it made.

Why patients are being served softshell turtle soup?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, soft-shell turtles are highly nutritious and also rich in protein. This is the reason if sick people drink it, the soup can help them recover quickly. For this, patients are fed twice a day on the soup of wild turtles or field-grown turtles. Not only soup, but the softshell turtle meat is been served at one of the hospitals in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus first began to spread. 

So far no cure has been revealed for this deadly disease, and the people suffering from it are in dire need of strength and a nutritious diet to fight this disease. Therefore it is not surprising if the people taking care of these patients are doing everything possible to make them well soon. 

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