News In The Most Horrific Prison Riot, 60 Killed And 16 Beheaded in...

In The Most Horrific Prison Riot, 60 Killed And 16 Beheaded in Brazil

This is the most horrific news of today that can shock you to the core! In a bloody clash between the two rival gangs in the Altamira jail in Brazil at least 57 inmates killed with 16 of them decapitated. The news spread like a wildfire in the world as it can give anyone the goosebumps.

The jail was overcrowded. The viral videos on the internet show inmates at the prison celebrating as they kicked decapitated heads across the floor.

According to the reports, sixteen of the dead were decapitated and the remainder suffocated after part of the prison was set on fire. It was a bloody battle between two gangs – Members of the Comando Classe A (CCA) and Comando Vermelho (Red Command). CCA gang set fire to a cell where rival gang members were kept, reportedly. The structure of the cell catches fire quickly, resulting in the death by asphyxiation of some inmates.

To let you know, violence in Brazilian prisons is not uncommon. The country has the world’s third-largest prison population of some 700,000 people, and overcrowding is a widespread problem. Clashes between rival gangs are frequent, as are riots. In May, at least 55 inmates died during prison attacks in the northern state of Amazonas. In 2017, weeks of violence in Amazonas, 150 prisons died.

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