In These Ways Indian Women Makes Dating Harder, Finally Lose Their Crush

1)Acting Disinterested Even When They Are Interested

According to women who care less, holds the power. But this is not true at all if women act disinterested guys often think that they are not emotionally attached or they are actually disinterested.

2)Making Him Jealous

Making him jealous buy looking at someone else. In some cases it works, but not when you are dating someone. Because the guy will think that she is interested in that guy.

3)Not Saying Things clearly

Women usually give sings or hints about what they want. But guys are straightforward and they don’t understand these indirect sings also. So, Instead of making things complicated ladies should say directly what they want from their relationship.

4)Expecting Him to Keep Trying

Girls expect that he should try a litte harder after listening to every”No”. But you know ladies this is quite a rapist kind of thing. So, guys often refuse to try after listening ‘No”.

5)Busy With Cell Phone

No one likes to be ignored. So, try to avoid using cell phone he is around you and enjoys your moments if you want to make your relationship work.

6)Testing The Person On Every Moment

What will you feel if a person will test you on every moment, on every word you say and if your every action will decide your future relationship? So, don’t judge him on the very first date, you will get to know his flaws and strength in your upcoming dates.

7)Sharing Too Much

it doesn’t mean that you should hide all your feelings. But you should share the limited things or share the things when needed.

8)Being Fashionably Late

Women think that being fashionably late help them to get attention from men, but it works really opposite. being late is really a negative gesture and disrespectful to a person.

9)Refusing to Make the First Move

If you are dating a guy who is divorced recently and broke up with his long-term girlfriend. So, he will definitely take his time to move on. But remember sometimes guys just want their lady to take first move. So, never feel shy to ask a man, after all, we are in the 21st century now where men and women are equal.

10)Expecting Him Reply Every Moment

See, don’t think that he is disinterested if he is just not replying to your texts. He also a human being and have a lot of works to do, hobbies or other things. So, it doesn’t mean he is not interested.

11)History With Exes

Never ever think that the all guys are same. There are good men also. So try to find a good one for you.

12)Expecting Him To Do The Same Things As They Thought

Ohh! it’s your thoughts baby, don’t expect those things in reality. Just be practical in your life and don’t expect those filmy things, these are films.

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