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High Life Include These 6 Foods In Your Diet To Reduce Cancer-Causing Factors

Include These 6 Foods In Your Diet To Reduce Cancer-Causing Factors

The risk of cancer is increasing in people day by day.some people suffer due to genetic factor while some suffer due to food and drinks like processed food, narcotics and poor lifestyle, Experts say that if you include some special things in your diet, then a terrible disease like cancer can be avoided. So given below is the list of food that you can include in your diet to neutralize cancer.

Bitter Gourd

This prevents cancer cells from growing in the body, according to a report from St. Louis University. In this research done on mice, it was found that bitter gourd can prevent cancer tumors from growing up to 50%. By adding bitter gourd to your diet regularly, you can avoid cancer.

Lotus Cucumber

Nutrition-rich lotus cucumber is also helpful in neutralizing cancer. This miraculous thing reduces stress and weight by increasing blood cells in the body. Since obesity is also considered to be a major cause of cancer.

Green tea

This Green tea is beneficial in many ways, from weight loss to normal blood pressure. Green tea contains plenty of polyphenol antioxidants. These antioxidants protect cells from DNA damage caused by free radicals. However, more research is yet to be done on this, but the risk of breast cancer can be reduced by consuming green tea daily.


It plays a very important role in preventing breast cancer. Since pomegranate contains polyphenols that prevent cancer from growing. According to the report of a study done in the year 2009, pomegranate juice has properties to prevent breast cancer. However, it is not yet clear how much pomegranate intake is necessary to prevent breast cancer. But if you have diabetes, please consult your doctor before adding pomegranate to your diet.


This Indian spice found in every Indian household and it is known for many qualities. Turmeric helps fight the cancer-causing compound. This compound proves beneficial in breast cancer as well as lung and skin cancer. If you want to be safe from cancer, then at least take a pinch of turmeric daily.


There is a compound called the Allium compound which is found in garlic. eliminates  Along with breast and prostate cancer, it is also helpful in eliminating many other types of cancer. Apart from garlic, onion is also beneficial in cancer. The benefits of garlic on breast cancer cells already proved in 2007, according to the reports. However, more research is yet to be done.

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