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The Great Khali has illuminated the name of India all over the world. Once Khali was a common man just like us and you, but the urge to do something made him different and special from us. Khali has been the first Indian wrestler to reach WWE. This has been one of the biggest achievements. When he entered the ring, he used to get rid of the sixes of his opponents. Khali has spent a good amount of time in WWE.

the great khali

The WWE career of The Great Khali started in the year 2006. Here he earned a lot of name as a wrestler and today the whole world considers his iron. He was in a lot of headlines under WWE from 2006 to 2014. However, it was not an easy task for him to decide on this journey. It has been his hard work and struggles for this.

the great khali

Let us tell you that the real name of The Great Khali is Dalip Singh Rana. When he entered WWE, he got the name The Great Khali. Like his name, he was also great in this game. Khali was born in Himachal Pradesh and is 49 years old. There was a time when Khali could not even get food two times properly. At the same time, in the midst of a financial crisis, he also left school in the middle. The condition of the family was not so good that he could complete his schooling.

Khali has seen struggle and poverty closely. Earlier they did not have all that they are today. Today Khali lives in a luxurious house. They have expensive vehicles and they are the owners of property worth crores. According to the media reports received, the net worth or net worth of The Great Khali is about $ 6 million i.e. ₹ 43.57 crore.

Let us tell you that the source of Khali’s earnings is the contract with WWE, his wrestling, and the promotions done by him for many brands. Khali had a contract with WWE till the year 2014 and since then he has not been seen in the WWE ring. After the year 2014, he returned to his country, and now he is away from professional wrestling for a long time.

Khali is now expanding wrestling in India. The money he has earned in America through wrestling, he is spending that money to find new talent in India. He also has an academy in Jalandhar and Delhi. At the same time, Khali had said that he also has a home and business in America, but he wants to do something for his country.

Very few people are aware that, before entering WWE, Khali had also done a police job in Punjab. He used to work as an Assistant Police Inspector.

Khali, who has shown his talent in wrestling, has also appeared in four Hollywood films, two Bollywood films, and many television shows.

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