Shahid Kapoor To Resume Filming ‘Jersey’ In Dehradun, Chandigarh Next Month

Bollywood Actor Shahid Kapoor is all set to start shooting for the film next month in the Dehradun and Chandigarh locations.
Trending Most Incredible Architectures Of The World Which Will Definitely Blow Your Mind

Most Incredible Architectures Of The World Which Will Definitely Blow Your Mind

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Modernization is one thing which the world should never stop. The incredible architectures don’t only blow over mind with the adorable infrastructures but also makes the life of a person easy. Moreover, they also affect the economy of  their country and help developing it further. Here are some such great architectures too whose designs makes us believe that the imagination of engineers is even beyond infinity.

Some Of Those Incredible Architectures Of The Worlds Are:

1. Dubai Towers

incredible architectures - Dubai towers
Source: TV-designs

Dubai Towers, as the name subjects are building in Dubai and covers the 5 kilometres of the sand area only to make it look like one of the seven wonders of the world.

2. Scaly Tower, Zhuhai

scaly towers - most incredible architectures
Source: Rmjm

This skyscraper is located in China and is slightly spiralled. The aluminium finish of outside of this tower gives the looks of a fish scales, hence the name – Scaly Tower.

3. Lakhta Center, Saint Petersburg

incredible architectures - Lakha center
Source: Lakhta.centre

The total area of this 8th wonder is 400,000 square meters and 87 storeys of this building just make it a perfect skyscraper.

4. Dancing Dragons, Seoul

incredible architectures - Dancing dragon
Source: Eastnews

These towers don’t only look super advanced but also have the finish of a dragon’s scale and YES, they are totally perfect to appear in any sci-fi or fantasy movie.

5. The Endless City, London

The endless city - incredible infrastruc
Source: Sure-architecture

The building is supposed to be full of greenery and it’s name really describes it the best as it will be made up of most “unnatural” and yet “natural” designs of the world.

6. Spiral of Europe, City of Brussels

Spiral of Europe - incredible architectures
Source: pearpoalopesta

The Italian engineering experts team has designed this building and the headquarters of EUROPEAN UNION is also located here.

7. The Infinite House Sydney

The infinite house Sydney
Source: Infinitybycrowngroup

Wondering why the name “The Infinite House”? Well because living in such a place can really give you endless pleasure and luxury plus the 10,000% extended quality of life.

8. The City of Dreams Hotel Tower, Macau (China)

The city of dreams: Incredible architecture
Source: Zaha-hadid

The City of Dreams? Yeah! This is actually a 40 storey five-star hotel and will really be the city of dreams for some people.

9. Bionic Tower ’Lava,’ Abu Dhabi

Bionic Tower - incredible architectures
Source: L-a-v-a

This Bionic Tower didn’t only need the sweat of engineers to built but also the brains of biologists as it is designed on the structure of trees.

10. Bionic City, Shanghai

Bionic city - incredible architectures
Source: Wikipedia

Why the name “city”? Because 100,000 people are supposed to live here in future and really it deserves its incredible architecture as it is structured to even stand against fires, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes.

So these were the incredible architectures of the world which just made you rub your eyes due to the unbelievable designs they preserve.

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