Boobs. When you think of it, you think of men staring at them, think of jokes about them, you probably even think of… Ahm! Control your emotions! 😛 Boobs maight have been clihed for some reason but they are a part of a woman’s body just about as normal as any other part might be. However, there are many things about a set of Boobs that you surely never knew before.

Watch and Learn my Dear Friends..

This video upoaded by  Asap Science tells you everything about Boobs from- How the milk is produced, to how lactating a baby binds the child to the mother with a cord and it even tells how the size of boobs varies every week during menstrual cycle and that Medium sized Boobs are considered most attractive.

You may watch it for the Boobilicious fun, but you’ll take home some science for sure! 😉

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