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News Dead Actor Inder Kumar's Video Made Just Before Death is Getting Viral,...

Dead Actor Inder Kumar’s Video Made Just Before Death is Getting Viral, Made Shocking Confessions

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It’s quite shocking that dead actor Inder Kumar’s video is getting viral on the social media after many months of death. This video is said to be made just before his death. After watching this video, the speculations are high that he committed a suicide. He is looking very tense in the video. He has tears in his eyes and he can be heard saying,

“I’m in this condition because of my mistakes. So he is ending his life. Going to commit suicide..going so far that I will never return”

He is saying that he is an addict. ” I become poor and living life on the roads. I came to become an actor with 6 packs and broad fit body. But my debaucheries ruined my life. Learn from my mistakes, if you have not learned it is sure that tomorrow will be having a mobile in your hands and record this kind of video of death.”

He also mentioned his parents. He is saying in the video, “You have done a lotĀ for me. I have taken a bad advantage of your love. I can’t do anything now. Please forgive me if you can.”

He can also be seen kissing the screen of the phone while saying this. It is so heartbreaking that how easily an actor who was in depression ended his life which could be beautiful if he would choose to survive.

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